We are an international non-profit that offers healthy and nutritious breakfasts to children, and creates solidarity projects, in partnership with schools, communities and the States in Africa.

Our Mission
CAPD aims to promote the health and education of children in Africa through the provision of healthy and nutritious breakfasts and the creation of solidarity projects with the parents of students, in partnership with schools, communities and the State. We educate schools and parents of students about the importance and inclusion of nutrition education for children in training curricula. Women are our main allies because they are key players in the educational success of their children. By supporting them in the implementation of income-generating activities, we wish to contribute to their empowerment. Our actions are carried out thanks to the efforts and the commitment of diverse public, private, and community organizations and volunteers from here and elsewhere who wish to make a difference in the life and future of children.
Our Vision
May all African girls and boys have access to quality, non-exclusive and equitable education, grow up healthy, and have hope for a better future!
Our founder

Jean-Raymon Momo of Cameroonian origin says he was inspired by his welcoming context and especially by the role of school boards in the organization of canteens. He therefore decided to mobilize members of his community and the diaspora to improve enrollment rates and keep children in school through school feeding while contributing to the economic development of women.

Jean-Raymon Momo, President of the African Breakfast Club (CAPD).

CAPD has been present
for over 20 years.
We make the best for all our children.

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We funded
140 breakfast projects
for more than 17,000 children in Africa.
This is our impact.

Our 5 objectives

Alignment to the Sustainable Development Goals


Our intervention model contributes holistically to the many United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

United Nations

Sustainable Development Goals


Did you know that with $1,
4 breakfasts are offered to children?

Knowing that it is often their only meal of the day. With small donations we are able to make a big difference for the students who benefit from our program.


Meet Our Team

Our team is staffed by professionals who are motivated to help improve the quality of life of many children in Africa.

Jean Raymon Momo

President & Founder

Nadine Ouellet


Valère Olaïtan Ogouyemi

Regional Supervisor West Africa

Doriene Ngouné

General secretary

Carole Nguetse

Assistant Secretary

Lucie-Pascale Dontsop


Prosper Nguegang

Communications Supervisor

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